About Chazy Beauty

Who's Chazy?

I'm Charlotte but my friends call me Chazy. I'm a make up artist and stylist based in Holmfirth covering Yorkshire and Manchester but I'll travel anywhere if you think I'm the right fit for you! I've been offering hair and make up styling for over 10 yrs, but my training in this area started at the age of 10 when I joined Italia Conti, the London based prestigious school for performing arts. It wasn't long before I was treading the musical boards of the West End and this is where I learnt my craft.

Over the last 10 yrs I have worked alongside talented MUA's across the UK and learnt the best skills from all of them, combining to make a unique experience. I wear another hat most days, a corporate one, as a senior director of customer service so I know a thing or 2 about how to meet a clients needs and ensure they leave speechless (for all the right reasons).

I am mum to a toddler, wife to a wannabe rock star and also manage to find time to volunteer in the LGBTQ community - see more in the next section! I have a genuine passion for making people feel great and that drives me to develop this business to reach a wider audience and spread that feel good factor. I really enjoy the opportunity to be creative and innovative and love working with couples who have an alternative style. You'll be in safe hands with me, I promise. 

LGBTQ+ inclusive supplier

As a proud Pansexual woman and Queer ally within LGBT+ community and working within the wedding industry, I have seen first hand how hard it can be to find suppliers who don't just 'say' they are LGBT+ friendly, but actually demonstrate it with the service offered and respect shown. When planning a wedding thoughtlessness over seemingly small details can overshadow the joy of planning, such as having 2 bridal prep rooms to get ready in, making assumptions about who will walk who down the aisle and even having same pronoun accessories to decorate with. These are all things that are on my radar and I can help you navigate. 
I am a listed supplier of the Same-Sex Wedding Guide and if you book our wedding through me, I promise to advocate for your wishes, challenged perceptions and tailor your service to you and your partner. That includes planning a wedding morning that allows for me to get you both ready in separate locations (waving the location fee) keeping the reveal a big surprise.

I also offer a full day service where I will be you on call planner and MC for the day, ensuring that the whole day runs smoothly. I can recommend other inclusive suppliers and suggest innovative and creative ideas that rip up the rule book. Get in touch now so that we can start to create you dream day!

 Neurodiverse friendly services

Having ADHD makes me feel like superwoman most of the time as I can multitask, brainstorm and read a room like no other.  But in some situations I can feel really overwhelmed. Like... say... a busy wedding morning with hairdryers, music, corks popping and endless chatter? Or the fear that your time blindness will make you late to meet your partner on the big day? Maybe this is playing on your mind, or maybe you'd not thought about it but now you have EEEK this is something that will really impact you. Or maybe you just have no idea how to communicate your style and are nervous about have your hair and make up done by a stranger.

I get it. That's why I want to make Chazy Beauty a safe space for Neurodiverse superheroes to discuss additional requirements and preferences. Here's some of the considerations I can offer:

- Tailoring the morning schedule to allow for plenty of rest/meditations breaks
- Ensuring that you have a quiet space away from the buzz
- Provide Loop earplugs to dim the noise of the hair dryers and chat. These allow you to still engage with your friends but lessen the impact of sensory overload
- Let me take complete control of your timelines and schedule so you don't have to think about it
- I offer a full day service so that I can stay with you till the first dance, making sure you are on time all day and looking fabulous!
I'm open to discussing any other suggestions or requirements for you and/or your bridal/grooms party. 

Second time down the aisle!

Getting married for the second time when you're still young is often a taboo. Here I talk about my concerns and how I'm navigating planning the second time round.

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